Yo-kai Watch


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Yo-kai Watch: Gather One, Gather All! Wait... Yo-kai in Eorzea!? DateFrom 19 August 2020 at 8:00 (GMT) to the release of Patch 5.4

Four new Yo-kai and matching weapons!

Your quest begins in the city of Ul'dah!

Accepting the Quest

Obtain new minions!

  • JibanyanJibanyan
  • KomasanKomasan
  • USApyonUSApyon
  • WhisperWhisper
  • ShogunyanShogunyan
  • HovernyanHovernyan
  • KomajiroKomajiro
  • NokoNoko
  • VenoctVenoct
  • KyubiKyubi
  • Robonyan F-typeRobonyan F-type
  • BlizzariaBlizzaria
  • ManjimuttManjimutt
  • Lord EnmaLord Enma
  • Lord AnantaLord Ananta
  • ZazelZazel
  • DamonaDamona
The Gold Saucer By handing over your medals, Eorzea's special guest will introduce you to your favorite Yo-kai!
What are minions?

Gather Yo-kai Medals!

What are FATEs?

Travel the realm in style in the Whisper-go!
What are mounts?

Acquire weapons!

  • Paw of the Crimson CatPaw of the Crimson Cat
  • Cane of the Shrine GuardianCane of the Shrine Guardian
  • Ears of the Moon RabbitEars of the Moon Rabbit
  • Bow of the White WispBow of the White Wisp
  • Whisker of the Brave CatWhisker of the Brave Cat
  • Fang of the Fearless CatFang of the Fearless Cat
  • Codex of the Shrine GuardianCodex of the Shrine Guardian
  • Globe of the Lucky SnakeGlobe of the Lucky Snake
  • Spear of the Spark SerpentSpear of the Spark Serpent
  • Twintails of the Flame FoxTwintails of the Flame Fox
  • Musket of the Metal CatMusket of the Metal Cat
  • Staff of the Snow MaidenStaff of the Snow Maiden
  • Book of the Eerie MuttBook of the Eerie Mutt
  • Gunblade of the Yo-kai KingGunblade of the Yo-kai King
  • Rapier of the Serpent LordRapier of the Serpent Lord
  • Katana of the King's CounselKatana of the King's Counsel
  • Glaives of the Dark PrincessGlaives of the Dark Princess