Fable III


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1. Download these DLCs:
http://download.xbox.com/content/4d53090a/4d53090a0ecf0000.cab Understone
http://download.xbox.com/content/4d53090a/4d53090a0ecf000e.cab Traitor's Keep
http://download.xbox.com/content/4d53090a/4d53090a0ecf0010.cab Inquisitor Pack
2. Create a new folder in your Fable 3 install directory named "DLC", and subfolders inside the DLC folder named "01_Understone", "02_TraitorsKeep" and "03_InquisitorsPack". Place the downloaded DLCs inside each respective folder.
3. Download this GFWL disabler:
Extract into your Fable 3 install directory

This will of course make it impossible to play online, but sadly you can't have both.
4. Open the xlive.ini file that you just extracted. Change "Player One" into whatever username you want to use in-game. In this same file, find the "profile xuid 1 =" number and copy it.
Find your saves folder, probably in "C:\Users\*YOUR NAME*\Saved Games\Lionhead Studios\Fable 3"
If the folder inside there is of another number than the one you copied, just rename the folder into the number you copied. If there is no folder in there, you probably haven't played the game yet and the saves folder will be automatically created with the right profile xuid.

Now you're done. All DLCs should work perfectly. It even works on old saves, as I did all this on an already started save game.