Asus A8N Series Volt Mod


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For the Asus A8N-SLI Premium board, I achieved more stability and overclockability
after a chipset voltage mod.

The chipset voltage is measured from the mosfet leg shown. Default voltage
is around 1.55v.

Located near the Southbridge is the RT9214 chip. You can solder a 1K ohms variable
resistor to the spot marked and ground the other end of the resistor. Set VR
at maximum resistance. This will increase chipset voltage to 1.7v. Tune down
VR to increase voltage. Take note that the chipset does get quite hot so be
sure to give it good cooling.

For the VDimm mod, you can refer to
this thread. I did it the same way my friend OC-Rookie did his and it works
good for rams that like high voltages.

For Vcore, you can get a maximum of 1.66v with
this tweak.

Or if for some reason it does not work for you, you can use a hard VID mod.

Solder a wire to each of the 4 solder pads circled. Connect all 4 wires to
ground to force maximum voltage.